In the field of pumping water and wastewater, conditions change very quickly. And the more information you get from the equipment, the more effective your actions will be. This is why Xylem takes a holistic approach to water management. The company’s products and solutions, designed to meet the need for reliable pumps, combined with unobtrusive monitoring and control solutions, are the result of a unique combination of innovative expertise and broad application knowledge. All together help reduce energy costs, eliminate emergency calls and increase productivity.

The Xylem range of controllers provide the ability to control a pumping station with both basic functions and advanced communication and functionality, depending on the requirements. In addition to the wide range of capabilities, modern controller models have preset configurations for most application scenarios, which allows you to start working immediately after installation. A variety of flexible protocols add versatility to the device.


Controllers for
Concertor system

  • FPG 414 – for DP system
    APP 411 – for XPC system
  • Configuration via WEB Interface or HMI

MyConnect controller

  • Modular control device allowing the most efficient use of any SPS configuration

Controller FGC 211

  • Single pump station controller for domestic use in households

FGC 300 series

  • Reliable flexible controller for 1 or 2 pumps for domestic use in households

Controller FGC 400

  • Pre-programmed complex with extended functionality, containing everything you need for a pump station with 1 or 2 pumps

Controller FPC 100

  • Provides automatic pump operation without the use of floats or level sensors
  • Display of key information

Controller 701

  • Compact control unit for 1 or 2 pumps with alarm function

Controller 702

  • 4-pump controller complete with MJK Expert ™ pressure sensor or MJK Shuttle® ultrasonic sensor

Controller 704

  • Classic controller for controlling 4 pumps with advanced functions

Controller 712

  • Small pump station controller with electrode switches or timer

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