Veriable Frequency Drives are highly configurable, complete pump control systems designed to meet any application requirement, offering advanced control algorithms that maximize energy savings and reliability. Advanced pressure control, multi-pump synchronous control, cavitation control and flow calculation are some of the features that can be used to tackle any pumping challenge.

To operate in a variety of situations, standard frequency controllers must be manually adjusted. Our controllers have almost 90% of the parameters that are needed in most situations.

Control systems

Smart control system Hydrovar

  • Output frequency and voltage control to optimize motor performance over a wide range of speeds and loads
  • Automatic Motor Parameter Identification (AMPI)
  • Thermal motor protection

Frequency regulatro PumpSmart

  • Intelligent pump control
  • Advanced pressure control
  • Cavitation control
  • Outputs for connection to SCADA systems
  • Automatic pump backwash

Energy control system SmartRun

  • Built-in self-cleaning functions from clogging in pumps and pipes
  • Automatic speed control
  • Outputs for connection to SCADA systems
  • Programmed minimization of energy

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