Xylem develops, designs and manufactures complete solutions for the management and monitoring of the entire scope of equipment in irrigation, sewerage, pumping, wastewater transport stations, pumping stations, pumping chambers, septic tanks, sand filters, pond aeration, fountain control, and quality control of municipal and industrial systems of all types. Regardless of the complexity of the tasks, we offer full technical and project support, while maintaining the highest quality.

Xylem is constantly striving to find ways to improve the customer experience by developing new systems and products, offering cost-effective intelligent solutions.

Control systems

Pump monitoring system MAS 711

  • A system designed for quick and easy logging, recording and presentation of CNS events
  • Monitoring of pump temperature, leakage, vibration, current and power (optional)

Pump monitoring system MAS 800

  • Collect pump data 24/7 and continuously check station health to detect failures before they can cause damage

WWPS management system MultiSmart

  • Pre-configured features to maximize efficiency, save time and reduce costs by preventing clogging and false calls

SCADA System

  • The next generation SCADA system developed by Flygt experts for the water and waste water industry professionals. From built-in alarm management to advanced metering mechanisms

Online SCADA system Avensor

  • A modern online monitoring and control system for the pumping station with full control of events from anywhere in the world.
  • System performance is checked by Flygt specialists 24/7


  • Autonomous monitoring device with one sensor, “archive” of data, power supply, GPRS / GSM / GPS modem for communication with SQL database, sending files (.csv format) with data by e-mail and positioning.


  • A universal device for control and monitoring of pumping stations, treatment facilities, water intake systems that increase the pressure of pumps.
  • Connect® has a large number of settings, functions for recording data from various sensors and other devices into the memory, graphical display of data on the LCD display, connection to RMS and other devices.

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