As the market leader in submersible pumps, Xylem has a wide range of fully packaged pumping stations (PPS) that are suitable for individual private houses as well as large multi-purpose applications.

The development of the product range takes into account the various requirements that may be imposed on the product depending on the tasks, and this has allowed us to create a unique and versatile range.

Complete packaged pumping stations, fully equipped with pump (s), valves and piping, can be delivered to site and simply installed in the ground.

Lowara MiniBox

Packaged pumping station MiniBox

  • Capacity: 85 l
  • Size WхLхH: 300х620х600
  • Installation: indoor / underground
Lowara MidiBox

Packaged pumping station MidiBox

  • Capacity: 110 l
  • Size WхLхH: 500х500х602
  • Installation: indoor / underground
Lowara SingleBox

Packaged pumping station SingleBox

  • Capacity: 270 l
  • Size WхLхH: 745х700х840
  • Installation: indoor / underground
Lowara DoubleBox

Packaged pumping station DoubleBox

  • Capacity: 550 l
  • Size WхLхH: 745х1270х840
  • Installation: indoor / underground
Lowara MaxiBox

Packaged pumping station MaxiBox

  • Capacity: 1200-1900 l
  • Size DхH: 1180х1300 (2000)
  • Installation: underground
Flygt Compit

Packaged pumping station Compit

  • Оснащение: насосы Flygt
  • Depth of installation: 1865-3000 mm
  • Diameter: 1200 mm
Flygt TOP

Packaged pumping station TOP

  • Equipped with: Flygt pumps
  • Efficiency: 14-340 m3/h
  • Diameter: 800-1800 mm

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