Under the Leopold brand we provide all the necessary components for a fully functioning system, while our full range of engineering services ensure that our products and systems perform meet our customers’ unique requirements.

Leopold engineers have been developing advanced gravity filtration systems since 1924. With extensive experience in this field, we can assist you in the analysis, assessment and design of any component of your filter.

Our technical support continues long after the Leopold system is commissioned, while providing a full range of field services and technical support.


Underdrains and media retainers

  • Air cleaning speed: from 20 to 90 m/h
  • Water cleaning speed: from 8 to 60+ m/h
  • Maldistribution: +/-5%

Submerged sludge collector CT2

  • 95% of reservoir cleaning
  • Can be installed in existing systems
  • For rectangular tanks

Floating sludge collector

  • 95% of reservoir cleaning
  • Low sediment disturbance during pumping
  • Low capital costs and energy consumption

elimi-NITE 2.0
denitrification system

  • Recovery of nitrate nitrogen
  • Least amount of dissolved oxygen in feed water

Backwash water troughs

  • Simple installation
  • Low backwash requirements
  • Compact design

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